Friday, 14 July 2017

St Peter's Munich

St Peter (Alter Peter)  is the oldest parish church in Munich and somehow I always end up going inside every time I visit. The first building on site was in the 12th century. The second was consecrated in 1294. A major fire in 1327 left only the western section and it was reconsecrated in 1365. It was constantly being extended. Externally the stumps of the earlier towers were kept witha new central tower with cupolas added. The view today is brilliant.There was a Gothic altar by Peter of Straubing in 1376. The present cupola over the high altar was completed in 1621. In 1630 the old Gothic choir was demolished and replaced by the present 3 leafed clover style with 3 conches. The nave was revaulted in the 1650s and by 1654 the external appearance was as today.A new high altar was designed by Nikolaus Gottfried Stuber. The old statue of  Peter by Erasmus Grasser (1492) is surrounded by the four Church Fathers by EQ Asam (1732). The cupola above the choir has work by Nikolaus Gottfried  Stuber, rfeworked by JBZimmermann. The interior was badly damaged in the last War and restored in the 1980s. The central aisle now resembles a street of triumph : Gothic with embellishments : a successful merger of styles.JBZimmermann was buried in the chiuurchyard. His frescos dedicated to Peter were reconstructed by Hermenegild Peiker 1998-2000. There is a Klais organ from 2003 which no doubt speaks loudly down the nave, I look forward to hearing it one day!

High altar (Flickr Benedict Koehler)

External view of tower  (Flickr Roger W)

View over toward Heilige Geist Church

View toward Old Town Hall

The nearby market is full of unresistable treasures


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