Saturday, 5 August 2017

Jesuit Church Vienna

We first discovered this church in the Old City in November 2007 and went back to hear a liturgical performance of a Mozart Mass with orchestra. It was packed. This was founded as the University Church when Emperor Ferdinand II entrusted the Jesuits with the University. It was built 1623-31 and remodeled by Andrea Pozzo 1703-5. In particular he added the twin towers and modified the front.
This early Baroque church faces an imposing square. and can be found in the narrow streets near the St Stephen's Cathedral. The interior is notable for the tromp l'oeil effects in the main nave by Andrea Pozzo (1642-1709). His most famous work is the dome effect in St Ignacio in Rome - possibly the greatest piece of illusionistic painting ever achieved. Therefore it is great to see his dome here at the Jesuit church painted on a flat surface! Almost unbelievable but this is kind of effect is a key element in some Baroque buildings He also integrates his painting of the Assumption into the architecture of the building and ensures it is lit by cunning narrow window openings. Alas I was unaware of the authorship of these masterpieces when last I visited earlier in 2017, We shall return. The photos are ours except for the two from Wiki Media Commons.

Pozzo's dome. Photo from Wiki Media Commons
Assumption behind high altar by Pozzo from Wiki Media Commons

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